Working with a Waking Dog

By October 28, 2016Pet Health & Safety
Sleep. It’s a beautiful thing.

Most of us all would say we’d like to have more of it. And while some lack of sleep can be do to busy schedules, some of it can be due to a different schedule: your dog’s. And, usually, when your pet is awake, he or she wants you to be awake, too! So, what can you do to help you and your dog get a full night’s rest? Here’s some steps to take.

1 – Make sure it’s not a health issue.

There are some reasons for a dog to show different behaviors seemingly out of nowhere, and they may be serious. Talk to your vet and see if there’s a source to the problem. There could be a case of night time dementia, or other issues that should be addressed medically before any other steps are taken. Keep your pet healthy!

2 – Assess your pet’s daily schedule.

How active is your dog? Does his or her day consist of a healthy balance of physical and mental stimulation? Our dogs, like us, need to be exercised regularly. A day without fun and challenging activity may be the culprit for a night without sleep. They have to get all that energy out!

3 – Plan for your dog to have something to do.

Sometimes, it’s inevitable. For whatever reason, your dog wakes up in the middle of the night. You don’t have to suffer the midnight fog to figure out what to do! Takes some time to plan out a treat or little activity to have ready. It could be just a stash of treats prepared beforehand. But, try not to allow the behavior to be reinforced. Break it up with some quick obedience training. We don’t want to reward our pets for getting us out of bed at 2am, but we can reward them for some sits, roll-overs, and other commands!

4 – Consider where your dog goes to bed.

If your dog sleeps in a different room than you, and has some panicking behavior during the night, he or she might have a case of separation anxiety. Maybe you should consider moving their bed in your room! Or, it may be the opposite. My dog has a few places where he sleeps throughout the night. So I just leave our door open. That way, he doesn’t have to wake me up to go out to another spot.

We hope that this little list kicks off your journey to good sleep for you and your dog! Thanks so much to for the great tips!