Tricks to Get Your Pet to Take Their Medication

By September 21, 2016Pet Health & Safety

Just like children, dogs hate having to take medication. It can be an effortless battle of chasing your pet around the house and trying to hold them down while slipping the pill inside their mouth. And then they spit it right back out. Needless to say, it can be a stressful day for both of you. Here are some tricks and tips you can use the next time you have to give your pet their medication.

1. Put it in food

Try to use food that you know your dog likes. Peanut butter usually works well. If you don’t know what he or she likes try using something that has a strong odor and will mask the smell of the pill. If you can, try and make sure that your dog doesn’t see you putting the pill inside. You’ll also want to use something that will cover the entire pill and will make it impossible for them to spit out. Check with your veterinarian first to make sure that the medication is okay to take with food.

2. Sneaky cover up

Some medication is just too strong and smelly for food to mask. If this is the case, you can go to your local pharmacy and buy clear gel-caps and put the medication in those.

3. Make it a game

Just like above, you’ll want to put the medication in some food. You can either toss it to them or put it on the ground. You’ll want to make the treats fairly small but big enough to contain the pill. Each one should be roughly the same size. The first two should be normal treats and make the third one contain the pill. Your pet should be wrapped up and excited to play “the game” that he won’t notice that the third treat had a secret ingredient inside.

4. Flavored medication

A variety of different medications come in tasty flavors. If you know that your pet is stubborn and doesn’t take medication easily ask your vet during your next visit if this option is available for certain medications.

5. Use a pill dropper

Some pills are just too big and pesky to hide in food. When that happens a pill dropper can come in handy. Very inexpensive, a pill dropper is a small device that resembles a syringe that helps drop the pill in a dogs mouth. You’ll want to tilt your animals head back and very carefully drop the pill. They’ll likely be struggling so we recommend that you learn and watch videos on how to use it properly as to not choke or gag your pet.