Traveling with Your Pets

The winter months have started, the leaves have fallen, and the air gets colder all in approach for one big thing – Christmas. This wonderful time of year denotes a time of cheer and fellowship with our fellow man, a time where travel is commonplace for people visiting family and friends. But, what do you do with your pets when you take to the open road? Some people travel with their furry friends while others board them with their veterinarian. Whatever you do for the holiday season, make sure your pets are taken care of and comfortable.

Traveling by Car

If you plan on traveling with your pets, be prepared for the ride of your life. Every pet owner knows how their pets react in the car. Some enjoy a nice ride and sit calmly in the passenger seat while others tend to run rampant through the cab all the while shedding and slobbering on everything. Take some time before you head out on your big journey to drive your furry friend around and get a feel for how they react in the car. Each pet is different and needs to be treatedpet dog in the car accordingly.

Traveling by Air

Traveling by air somewhat lessens your flexibility when it comes to bringing pets along. The requirements for taking a dog or cat into the cabin of an airplane vary by airline. Check with your flight provider’s website before taking Fido flying. Size restrictions and special fees are normally in place to prevent pets too large from traveling with their owners. If the airline regulations prevent your pup from boarding with you, consider checking your pet instead. Definitely not for every pet, checking your pet as luggage in a cage or carrier is a viable option, though it should only be adopted if your pet is comfortable in the conditions provided by the cargo area of the plane. Again, not all pets are the same and your pet’s behavior and personality should be considered before taking this option.

Boarding and Babysitting

Another option, is having your pet boarded. Many veterinarians offer boarding services for keeping your pet. This usually entails having your pet lodged, playtime logged, feeding regulated, and walking taken care of per owner’s request. Extended animal stays can also take care of your pet while you go away. Animal hotels and lodges are increasingly popular as demand for pet care increases.

cat carrier with pet insideSome people don’t like having their pets feel out of place and prefer to hire a sitter to watch their pets at home while they go away. If this is the option you’re choosing, make sure to provide detailed instruction to the sitter regarding all the information that they could need to make your pet comfortable. Leave telephone numbers for yourself, emergency contacts, and the vet that provides care for your pet. They won’t know your dog or cat like you do, so make sure your fuzzy buddy is well provided for.

No matter what you plan to do for your holiday season, be sure to bear in mind the needs for your pet. Those dogs, cats, and everything else rely on you and you should always treat them like they deserve. Holidays are a time for fun and your pets should think so too!

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