Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Cat Safe During Winter

By October 12, 2016Pet Health & Safety

As the temperature begins to lower and the leaves fall from trees, winter will soon be upon us. With the changing of seasons, it is easy to get caught up with various holiday activities and travels. If you have an outdoor cat, here are some things you should do for them to keep them safe and sheltered from Mother Nature.

Have some type of warm and clean shelter

You can either buy one from a local pet store, online or make your own. Make sure that the entrance hole is small so that predators and other stray cats can’t enter. While the area should be big enough for them, the area should be small enough to trap in body heat. While setting up their shelter, make sure to include materials inside that won’t absorb any moisture. You’ll also want to put the shelter up a few feet from the ground so no snow or rain floods the enclosure. If you can, place the shelter in the opposite direction that the wind is blowing as well.

Food and water

If a bad storm happens permits nearby your house, you might not have the opportunity to go out and feed your feline friend. Every night make sure that your cat has enough food and water that could last them for a few days. Cats and dogs need extra calories during the winter to build winter coats that protect them from the environment. Leave out both canned (wet) food and dry. Canned food can freeze if not eaten straight away. Try and check their water twice a day to make sure it didn’t freeze.

Tag them

Although they might outdoor cats and have the freedom to go explore, if the weather gets bad you cat might become scared and venture further then normal. Also consider microchipping them incase their tags accidentally come off.

Cautious while starting car

Whether you own a stray cat or not, be cautious when starting your car during the winter months. Some good habits to start is to check your tires and see if a cat hid above them or knock on your hood before starting your engine. If not, you could kill the animal and cause major damage to your vehicle.