Your Pets Can Get Cold

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Late Fall can be a great time for spending some quality time with our pets – a sunny day spent walking your dog down a trail of red, orange, and yellow, curling up next to the fireplace with your cat in your lap and hot chocolate in your hand, or laughing while your puppy dives through a pile of freshly raked leaves. Though the temperatures this time of year keep dropping, we can still find time to enjoy the outdoors with our beloved buddies. The key in doing so, however, is making sure to remember: your pets need to stay warm too.

cold-1284027_1920How to Keep Your Pets Warm

The easiest way to keep your pets warm during winter is to keep them inside. Though frequent walks and exercise are important for most dogs, pet owners should be mindful of the fact that the cold weather affects their pets as much as it does you. Try to avoid leaving pets outdoors overnight as much as possible.

If your four legged companion needs to stay outside, make sure to provide a dry, warm shelter for them to reduce exposure to the elements; a large, floored dog house or a bundle of blankets in the garage will suffice nicely. Consider that the ground will drain heat from your pet so make sure to have some sort of insulation (e.g. a thick blanket, a layer of straw, or an old sleeping bag).

Pets Need Warmth

Though dogs and cats are covered in fur, not all insulate the same. Short hair breeds can have a difficult time keeping in body heat throughout the colder months. Consider buying a sweater for your dog or cat. Not only will it allow them to stay warm, but they’ll look as cute as ever! And while you’re out shopping for your furry fashionistas, consider also purchasing booties or animal shoes for your pets. Contact with the ground saps warmth from the pads on their feet. Salt and other chemicals used for desalting roads can be harmful to your pet.

cat-992206_1280A well fed pet is a warm pet. Trying to maintain body heat requires burning lots of calories. The same rule applies to your pets. Make sure that your pets eat regularly and drink plenty of water as the temperatures start to drop.

Keeping Animals Safe

As cold weathers sets in, cats and critters like to cozy up, and what better place to curl up in then the wheel well of a warm car. Make sure to bang on the hood of your car before driving off to avoid harming any unwanted passengers. Also, when treating your car for the cold, be sure to clean up and properly put away antifreeze – it has a sweet taste, but is extremely harmful to pets.

Pets don’t always want to be left in the cold. If you see a pet that looks uncomfortable being left outside, consider politely voicing your concerns to its owner. No one wants to sleep in the cold.

Our pets are our most loyal companions, loving friends, and faithful buddies. We play with them, take care of them, and always show our love. As it gets colder, we still find the time to bring them outside and enjoy the beauty of autumn as much as we do. Just remember, when going outside, they don’t put their jackets on like you. Pets need to stay warm too.



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