Can I give my dog turkey bones?

By November 9, 2016Pet Health & Safety

We get questions all of the time about animal bones and dogs. Can a dog eat chicken bones? Turkey bones? Ham bones? Why do they sell bones at the pet store?

Well, in a nutshell, any bone that you have cooked, especially that of a bird, is not a great idea for dogs to eat. Dogs always seem to find them, though, because they can smell the meat that used to be on them, and they want to get to the marrow inside the bones. But this time of year, around Thanksgiving and Christmas, people ask us more and more if they can give the turkey bones to the dogs.


Why Bones Are Bad For Your Pet

It’s just never a good idea to give bones to your dog. Your dogs aren’t wild, they’re domesticated, and they probably aren’t used to dealing with what a bone does. Any bone that has been cooked can splinter which can cause serious digestive problems within hours – putting holes in places that shouldn’t have holes. When in doubt, if the bone has been cooked, don’t give it to your dog or cat.

But let’s just say that you aren’t worried about the bones cause they aren’t cooked. Well, your pet will likely try to eat the whole bone, not managing good portion control like us adults. You could probably guess this, but bones don’t dissolve and break down as easy as other normal foods do. So if we watch the dog eat that whole ham bone (which can shatter into damaging pieces, by the way) your dog will probably be blocked up for at least the new few days, if not forever causing the need for immediate surgery.

So, when in doubt, don’t give your pets that bone.